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Release Date:23 Jul 2015
Nallu Policeum Nalla Irundha Oorum, directed by Srikrishna and produced by JSK Film Corporation is releasing tomorrow. Expectations are high on the movie for Arulnithi's last Demonte Colony was a huge hit. Lets check out what the director say about the film: It is set on a four policemen from a dreamy, crime free village named ‘PorPanthal’, where every single person is a do-good person. Arulnithi, plays a cop who exaggerate simple things and Remya Nambeesan playing as a teacher who teaches only good things to the students.' 'We shot the whole film across the foot hill villages in Thenkasi and Kuttralam. Everywhere we shot we cleaned the whole village and hung boards with Thirukural and noble quotes I believe those good work are still visible in the village. What better you ask for as an testimonial to the forth coming success than this.When we were surfing for an ideal village to shoot this film our search was only over the visual beauty but the discipline the village displayed during and even after the shoot proved that the village was perfect to our ideology too.'

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